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Our Education ERP has been designed to cover the in depth functionalities of any Educational Institute/ University/ Group of Institutions, from the perspective of various users carrying different roles and responsibilities such as Students, Teachers, Staff, Principal, Management, Parents, Alumni etc. All the data is managed in a time sensitive manner along with the rules and policies applicable at that time, so whenever required, the exact information can be re-produced as it is.

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Your knowledge enterprise has a learning imperative: customize content to address specific requirements. The curriculum of educational institutions should make students ready for employment, while corporate training needs to enhance skills and groom leaders.

The OneDred Education practice collaborates with schools, research institutions, universities, and companies to meet learning objectives. We combine classroom learning with digital techniques for knowledge sharing. We develop learning portals and migrate content to third-party learning, talent, and performance management platforms.

OneDred establishes joint innovation labs with knowledge enterprises to develop and test prototype learning models, and implement bespoke learning solutions. Our learning ecosystem ensures compliance with global qualification and certification standards. Our approach encourages the adoption of learning tools for continuous learning. Further, frameworks to analyze the effectiveness of learning and targeted interventions can help maximize the return on education investment.

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